About us

Wenyi is the leading Toy brand that encourage a child's curiosity and help child’s to grow. The business has grown to become one of the fastest-growing designers and manufacturers of toys.

Wenyi's products are recognized for offering consumers great value without compromising quality. We believe that a child's development is a continuous journey and every step or moment expands a child's knowledge and imagination. Our focus is always to design products that can help children building to a greater confidence and passion for what comes next.

Currently, the company has 1000+ products and releases 1000+ new products a year. With the urging of thousands of satisfied customers, Wenyi is now working with wholesalers and distributors in the hope to bring the same great experience to consumers all over the world.

At Wenyi, we believe in a great toy product can not only bring fun but also help children to grow in a better way!

Join Wenyi, let our kids enjoy more fun